Friday, December 17, 2004



Santa aint real, it was all a hokes, its a if your parents were playing a big joke! Santa Claus aint comin to town...yes billy what you heard is true, Santa just aint comin for you,i dare you to stay up all night, but you'll just find out im right...its only your parents, yep just mom and dad, stop your bitchen why do you look so sad? just cuzz SANTA CLAUS AINT COMIN TO TOWN


okay i am starting FRESH!! YAY ^.^

yeah hi shut up.

im kidding im actully in a good mood right now, as you can tell i have cleard my blogger and I AM STARTING A NEW! i feel refreshed AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH first off, if you read my blogger will you pleas respound to this? i would like to know how many people actully read my blog thingy thanx,

Sunday, December 12, 2004


ok the first one is me..wooo...> .>
otay this one is my kitty Stich! i wuv her so much! she is so awsome, and i ave had her for along time.


here are some pix of stuff, this first pix is of my kitty cat bubba...he is so cute!!
this is a pic of stich my older cat, i named her after stich from lilo and stich.
this is "baby cow" one of my geenie pigs...i spell it geenie shut up. i dont like her much
this one is RUFAS isnt he cute?? awwe i know huh
ok and last but not least..ME! its me..
okay well i hope you liked my gonna go kill something...O.o

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


OK ARE YOU READY??!! ITS TIME FOR A RANT!! AND SOME OTHER THINGS! IM GONNA WRITE WHAT EVER THE HEELLLL I WANT!!IM PMSING RIGHT NOW SO I AINT GONNA MAKE ANY SENSE!! AND YOUR GONNA LIKE IT DAMMIT >.< okay no more caps lock i am just gonna talk....first of all..i hate everyone right now for like every five secounds and i dont know why SO DONT PISS ME OFF YOU GOD DAMM HOOOKER! okay i dont know what a hooker i do know its you! YOU ARE!!
DAAAMMM YOU !! LITTLE PECKER HEAD YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE? YOU !! YEAH THATS RIGHT I HATE YOU!! I SPIT ON YOU AND YOUR FAMILY...okay now im calm..NO IM NOT god...okay never mind im just gonna shut up....

Monday, December 06, 2004

my little inperfections

how come when you are talking to some one or doing something ect ect that is really important to you or kind of specile....all your little imporfections seem to be much bigger then they really are? like... every thing you feel is wrong with you just seems to be way way worse then it really is..and your to bust hideing these imperfections that you look kind of dumb...there is something about everyone that they wish they could change..i guess its a personal thing..and like everyone thinks that their voice doesnt match them, but it does! it so does!! i personally hate my voice but everyone says its perfect for me and that they hate their voices but its perfect for them!! humans are weird..okay ill post again in a few.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

song gone wrong

get low is now: eat pie
buhdadada dum dumm dadada da umm dumm- 4 5 6 i dont wanna "pick up stix" gonne open da frigde and get cool wip
to the kitchen! to the friegde (to da friegde) cuzz my tummy grummble grawl! thats new paint on the walls, ohh yummy yummy yummy ohh yummy yum yum yum.

cool songs tha should be on mtv

Thursday, December 02, 2004

hey there confused but thanks to my very good friend the master of all marshneoows...aka helpy head....he doesnt know about that name yet...shhhhh...anywayz...he helped me out with a personall issue but actully he helped me out with alot of personall trying to help with one he helped with a bunch...ALL IN ONE! it was a deal a bunch for the price of one...i want egg nog...well anywayz i want to tell him thanks for everything and ill keep yahll up to date wut happens next in..AMBERZ LIFE....the board game..SNOOGENS

Sunday, November 28, 2004

pokemon renuinonn

the boys and chicks of pokemon have gotten together for a ten year renuion..i cant spell shut up.
ash is now twenty , he is tall and skinny with much acne...he is wearing a D&D shirt. misty is womanly and buetiful, although she has some bags under her eyes. pickachu is no wear to be found.nor is brok.
ash: hey mist whats up..aheeehehe.
misty: umm..ash? is that you? what happen to you..oh god! what the hell is wrong with you! what ON YOUR FACE!! SWEET HOLY LOARD SOMEBODY KILL IT KILLIT!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!
ash:[looks around strangly as if confused and afraid] uh huh....
misty:AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHhh hhh oh its your face sorry...[looksa round] weres pikachu?
ash: well when i hit 13 i wasnt really into pokemon anymore..i was more into girls you know ..AHAHAHAHA..heee heeee ---dorky laugh
misty:yeah...well good luck with that loser..>.>
ash: were is brok?
misty: i called him but his kid said he was locked up for pimping and undecent exposer..also for rape..its sad for a 3 year old to know thease things about her father.
ash: who did her rape?
misty: who didnt he rape?
ash: you have a piont ass still is sore.
just then two what seems to be 30 year old team rocket members jump out of a tree.
JESSE JAMES TEAM ROCKE--- you know the rest dont make us do this..
jesse:im to tired
james: i need a manichur..
jesse:[looks at james] me too
meoth now that one big cat he wanted to be is back with the boss livein it up so he isnt there
james: well hey..[looks at ash] who the hell is that? what the fuck is wrong with his face! oh my god its horible! oh sweet jesus!! SOME ONE KILL IT TAKE IT OUT OF ITS MISARY!!
misty: i know that what i said!
jesse: wips out a gun and pionts it at ash} ok give me your money..or the pickachu..either way..if you dont..ill bust a cap in your ass.
ash: wha- i do-please no! _why?!!
misty: oh who cares just shoot him!
ash: but i have a girl friend! and she would want me alive!!
james: oh dont worry about it, we will go to your house open your closet pull out your girlfriend..blow her back up..and tell her your dead dont know me...................................if your gonna be there tell my magozines im dead too..<.<...>.>
jesse: shut up loser *BANG*
ash: owww! you SHOT ME YOU A-HOLE!IN MY ARM! GOD! THE PAIN! THAT WAS MY JERKIN ARM!!i mean my uhh...painting arm...
james: dammit jesse you missed his head.
just then Link comes up between them
Link: yeah do you guys know how to get to Zelda's? i lost her number so i wanna go to house to get it but i think im a little lost
jesse: sory but you have the wrong anime.
link: i do? really oh..well okay wow, this is embaressing...ok..
link leaves
ash: MY ARM! GOD MY ARM!! [falls squiggling in pain]
jesse:throws the gun at his head]]] SHUT UP YOU!!
misty: god what a pussy...well im outtie...i have better things to do..c yah..[as she walks across the street she gets hit by a really big truck} VROOOM
jesse and james slowly scoot away, then run
ash: isnt any one going to help me??? [pickachu's eat his skin}